Upcoming Summer Events

Hello all! I have a few events coming up in the next couple weeks.

First is Far & Away, a group exhibition at the Weeks Gallery on Jamestown Community College’s campus in Jamestown, NY. Three of my drawings are on display, including two large pieces. The show officially opened on July 1, but you still have a chance to catch the reception this Thursday, July 9 from 6-8 pm. I’ll be there along with some of the other artists to talk about our work and answer questions.

Next is Summer, Sex & Spirits, the 11th annual benefit celebration for Planned Parenthood of NYC. I have donated two lithograph prints to a silent auction that will be part of the evening’s events. The benefit will take place July 14 at 8pm with a VIP reception at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

And finally, I am pleased to be included in Zorina Gallery’s Summer Group Show. The exhibition officially opens on Thursday, July 16, and a reception will be held Thurs July 23, from 5-7pm. Three of my pieces will be included. Zorina Gallery is located at 533 W 23rd Street in Manhattan.

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Portfolio Magazine

I’ve recently self-published a limited edition magazine featuring some of my recent drawings. You can check it out and purchase a copy here on my website. This video takes you on a flip-through of the magazine:

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New Drawing

I just completed a new drawing and thought I’d share some detail photos with you. The piece is 38×50 inches, graphite and ink on paper. There is a little glare in some of the photos, due to the reflective nature of graphite.

Detail 1P2340335-Edit800

Detail 3Here is the drawing in its entirety:

New Drawing

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Zona MACO Art Fair in Mexico City

The next exhibition of my work is coming up soon! Several new drawings of mine will be on display in Dillon Gallery’s booth at Zona MACO 2015. They will be located at F202 in the General Section. The booth will also feature work by artists Cristina de Middel, Eske Kath, Nacho Rodriguez Bach, Oswaldo Vigas, and Santiago Ydañez. You can check out a preview of the booth on Artsy.

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New Work Added to Site

New small drawings have been uploaded to my site today. Check out the Small Drawings page to see 16 new pieces. Yeah, it’s a lot all at once; I’d been putting off the scanning process for awhile.

A few of the new pieces are currently at the frame shop getting ready for shipment to Mexico for the Zona Maco art fair Feb 4-8. This will be the first time my work is exhibited in Mexico. Wish I could travel down there with my work, but alas, I am stuck here in New York.

Echo | 4.25x6 | Graphite and ink on paper | 2014

Echo | 4.25×6 | Graphite and ink on paper | 2014

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Wrapping up 2014

This morning I realized it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated this blog. Oops! Perhaps more regular posts would be a good resolution for the New Year.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the new small drawings I’ve been working on:

An array of new small drawings, ready to head to the framer

An array of new small drawings, ready to head to the framer

Most of them are between 4 and 6 inches on either side. Once I get them all scanned, they’ll be uploaded to the Small Works section of my site so you can see them better.

All those small drawings were fun, but they got me in the mood for something big. I started a large 70×108 inch drawing a couple days ago. There is something wonderful about creating a drawing one’s own size.

Large Work In Progress

Large drawing underway in my studio

You can see the faint preliminary line drawing all done in graphite. I’ve begun blocking in the initial charcoal layer on the left. Because I’m right-handed, I usually work left to right at this stage in order to reduce accidental smudging.

Detail of Large Work in Progress

Detail of large drawing in progress.

And finally, I’m now on Twitter! Welcome me to the 21st century and follow me @LeahYerpe.

Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy New Year.



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Video of Gallery Talk at Purdue

Back in September I gave a casual gallery talk about my work at Purdue University. The wonderful Kathy Evans filmed the event and has uploaded her video to YouTube (thanks Kathy!):

I have yet to watch it; listening to recordings of myself make me cringe a little, so you’ll have to let me know what you think!

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Caeneus Details

Caeneus| 38x50 | Graphite and ink on paper | 2014

Caeneus| 38×50 | Graphite and ink on paper | 2014

I finished this drawing little over a month ago and thought I’d show you some close-up shots of the drawing’s details.

caeneus detail 5

Detail of Caeneus

Detail of blue jeans and shirt fabric

Detail of blue jeans and shirt fabric

Close-up of face

Close-up of face



Fabric, belt, and foot

Fabric, belt, and foot

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Another Small Drawing in Progress

Small Drawing in Progress

Here is another in-progress shot of one of my small drawings.  The piece is 4×5 inches, graphite and ink on paper.  I’ve been focusing on small work lately, and have really enjoyed creating these little gems.

I draw the deepest shadows with ink, and use graphite for the rest of the drawing. In the background you can see my favorite mechanical pencil and a fine-point pigment ink pen. The pen has a tiny .2mm tip. The pencil contains .5mm lead. For drawing extremely fine details, I will carefully sharpen this lead even finer with an x-acto knife.


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Photos From Constellations


Here are some installation shots of Constellations in Purdue University’s Ringel Gallery.

View immediately inside the gallery doors.

View immediately inside the gallery doors.

Thanks to Purdue University for hosting this beautiful show and inviting me out to speak.  The reception was lovely.  I was too busy to get any photos from the reception, but my gallery talk was filmed, so I will provide a link once that video is up online.


Drawings ‘Arcas’ and ‘Aquila’


‘Aquila.’ ‘Auriga,’ and ‘Salacia’

Drawings 'Ceyx' and 'Daphne's Roots'

Drawings ‘Ceyx’ and ‘Daphne’s Roots’

'Salt' and 'Phoenicis'

‘Salt’ and ‘Phoenicis’

'Callisto,' 'Columba,' and 'Zips'

‘Callisto,’ ‘Columba,’ and ‘Zips’

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